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Regional representatives of “Ukrainian Seed Partnership Association”were formed and are currently ready to execute their functions


 On April 19-20 in Kherson Region the Seminar of “Ukrainian Seed Partnership Association” was organized by regional representatives. During the Seminar its participants exchanged their views concerning the problems of seed industry development in Ukraine, improvement of the functioning of the Association and activization of regional representatives.

As it was announced during the plenary session by the executive director, Gennadii Kiiko, the main task of the Association is to create such conditions in Ukraine that can facilitate the Ukrainian seed to become  competitive on the international markets. We have more than one and a half thousands of subjects in seed industry, though not all of them can fulfill their functions on a highest level.
The main task of regional representatives is to develop cooperation on a local level between seed producers with a purpose to exchange information and provide them with different methodological assistance. These representatives will comprise the regional commissions that attest enterprises and entitle them to produce certified seed and seedling. This means that on a local level we will be able to protect national market against fabricated seed; to conduct monitoring with a purpose to determine whether enterprise is well provided with land resources, scientific, material and technological base for the production of seed; to prevent corruption on the part of officials. The Association, in its turn, will facilitate the functioning of regional representatives in many different ways, this was noted by the executive director, Gennadii Kiiko.
Representatives of major regions in Ukraine also got a chance to learn about the experience in working of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture, Research and Production Company “Driada”, Research Enterprise “Askaniyske”. These are leading sector enterprises in Kherson Region, which have high potential and experience in implementing global advanced technologies in the production of seed.