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Representatives of GNIS (France's National Inter- Professional Association for Seeds and Plants) are happy with the results of cooperation with Ukrainian Seed Partnership Association.



On the 21st of March working meeting was held with the representatives of GNIS (France's National Inter- Professional Association for Seeds and Plants) in Ukrainian Seed Partnership Association. French Delegation made a visit to our country in the framework of preparation to the audit of OECD representatives, that will take place in April of the current year.
Main trends of cooperation between National Seed Associations of both countries were discussed, particularly on the subject of informational exchange, facilitation of entry of national producers to the European market, providing of the consultant help on the questions of legislative reforms.
To resume results of the meeting, Head of the Delegation – Executive Director of GNIS, Marie-France Cazalere, and General Inspectorate of GNIS, Daniel Minar, have unanimously stated a significant progress in Ukraine on the way of integration into the international community and in reforming of the seed producing system according to the global standards.
-                     We are pleased to see how rapidly you have achieved such great results and create a high quality system in the field of seed production, - noted Ms. Cazalere. – Ukraine – big agricultural country with a perfect potential. And the sector of seed production, without doubt, is a basis for the future and a guarantor of great preferences.
This segment is very complicated in technological sense, though we are sure that Ukraine will soon not only produce seeds for its own needs, but also provide it for export. We wish you success in this direction: you’re on the right way.