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Ukrainian Seed Company Association initiates a perpetual campaign «STOP to false seed"



Nowadays there is a situation on the seed market of Ukraine when the domestic producers and farmers suffer huge losses due to the dominance of the market counterfeit goods. It was declared by the council chairman of the Association Andrey Lesnikov.

- According to our information, counterfeiting of famous brands in different regions of seeds and seedlings industryranged from 50 to 80%. Sellers of counterfeit realize huge profits in a millions of hryvnias without paying penny tax, and under the guise of elite seeds, which cost tens of pounds per thousand hryvnias actually sold waste that purchased for a pittance. Especially it concerns vegetable seeds, seedlings and saplings. As a result of losing state enterprises, agricultural enterprises, farmers, peasants, - said the chairman of the Association.
Ukrainian Seed Company urges all concerned to join the action and protect themselves from fraud. In the next few months there will be a variety of activities involving volunteers, providing consumers with explanations how to distinguish counterfeit, data collection and analysis of counterfeit producers, the interaction of fiscal and law enforcement agencies.
In the cases when the fact of fake products distribution will take please inform their manufacturers
by phone (044) 529-49-86, or via e-mail:
ukr­, send samples of products and packages of counterfeit address: 32 Yamskaya st., 03038, Kyiv, Ukraine.